What is the best mac based or even better cross platform UML Application available both costed and opensource / freeware?

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I haven't touched a Mac in about 15 years but I think ArgoUML should do the trick for you. I use it on Windows platforms but Mac is supported too.

ArgoUML is nearly unusable on the Mac. I've yet to have a saved project file that doesn't get corrupted within a day or two of me having saved it -- leading to me having to re-create entire projects from scratch a half-dozen times. I won't even install ArgoUML on the Mac anymore.
Yes I have had problems getting ArgoUML to work relibably on my Mac for years, I have given up on it ever becoming stable.
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OmniGraffle: quite possibly the best diagramming software ever.

Jason Baker
The only annoying thing about OmniGraffle is that (as of yet) it doesn't read or write XMI <>, the standard UML format.
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I've used visual paradigm... it's not free, but it's pretty powerful and cross-platform... might be worth a demo to you.

Yes VP is great. I think it's a java app. It's a CASE tool that can generate all the database commands for creating the data model.
It looks like an eclipse platform app. There is a Community Edition that you can use for free too, although if you export as an image it includes a watermark.
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same as @danb I use Visual Paradigm (not free, but they do have a Community Edition), got to say it is not the most user friendly tool but does its job and covers a lot details in modeling... in windows I'd say nothing beats Enterprise Architect... but Visio comes handy for really fast diagramming for documentation purposes and is cheaper.



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If you're looking for a cross platform/web based solution, check out Gliffy. It also integrates into several wiki's. Wiki's with pictures always look nicer!

Gary Richardson
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OmniGraffle Pro includes a reasonable set of UML stencils.

Even better: If you drag a framework to the OmniGraffle Pro application it will generate a diagram for every class in the framework, with links for subclasses. This can be quite a time saver.

How does that work? I can't find any docs on it.
In MacOS 10.5 it no longer works. In 10.4 you could drag any Objective-C framework to OmniGraffle Pro, and it would generate a diagram.

I used to use Visual Paradigm Community, but switched to StarUML. I'm not sure if it's on Mac, though.

Thomas Owens
StarUML is not on Mac, and it doesn't look like there's much activity in terms of development. However, one of their long-term goals is to be cross-platform, but without development, it doesn't look like that's going to happen soon.
Thomas Owens

Do any of these have support for XML Schema expressions of Class View Diagrams?

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I know the question is more than one year old, but BOUML is definitely a tool you want to look at; it supports UML2, works on pretty much every existing platform and is actively developed

This is no longer available.
Tommy Herbert
The lead developer has stopped working on it, but the archives are still accessible: (for information this soft is under GNU GPL V2).

I've been using Poseidon from Gentleware for years on Linux and Mac. The community edition uses a subscription model that's pretty inexpensive. The UI on Mac isn't necessarily OS-X style, but it's worked well for me for Java projects. One unfortunate, but probably temporary, issue is that the 8.0 Beta is not currently file compatible with the earlier version.

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There are two questions that you should think on, before choosing the right tool:

  1. Do you only like to sketch/draw/paint/depict UML Diagrams? --> so have a look on OmniGraffle and it's competitors or any other sketching tool with some kind of UML Stencils.

  2. Do you like to model UML Models and visualize them as Diagrams? --> you should look for a real UML Tool.

Next you should decide, if you can ignore, that most of the real UML Tools are originally written for Windows and that's why there are many UI-Compromises in the Mac OS X ports of these tools. This is also true for any Java "Cross-Plattform" UML Tools (MagicDraw, Argo/Poseidon, aso.).

AFAIK there is no "pure" Mac OS X UML Tool that supports MODELING (instead of sketching) UML Models with a complete Cocoa look and feel. (Especially FEEL!)


wow! Gliffy looks so sexy!


Borland Together Architect is fully supported on OS X and the files are transportable to the Windows and Linux versions of the product too. Unfortunately being 'the best of the best' it does not come cheap - £3000 a copy in the UK.

I've used Rational, Enterprise Archtitect and Borland extensively and BTA is my tool of choice.

+1  A: is a pretty nice canvas-based web application for creating UML diagrams. But you need to be comfortable with or willing to learn ADL since it doesn't support drawing on the diagram directly.

e.g. you'll input something like:

diagram SimpleTest +dynamic  {
  interface MyTestInterface {
    operation testOperation :Boolean +public  {
    argument test :String;

And it will generate the diagram. The +dynamic means you'll have rudimentary mouse manipulation of the generated diagram.

Stephen Ball

TopCoder UML Tool looks like pretty tool for sketching. I've just found it, but didn't test it in a deep yet.