Besides the Android Marketplace, what are my options as far as deploying an Android application to someone remotely?

The particular issues I am up against are that I have an application which I have written which addresses a somewhat limited problem, for my sister. She is mostly computer literate, but not a developer and lives hours away.

I could see this same issue being common if a company were to want to develop an application for their shiny new G1s and then deploying their application. Surely there is a non-developer-centric way to do this.

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This thread should help:

In summary, there's a browser setting that will allow you to download and run APK files from any webpage.

Cheers, Rob

I revised the question. I'm wanting to deploy to what we will assume is not a developer. I'll give this a go before I accept the solution.
Anthony Potts
As I understand it, this option is suitable for the end user provided that: 1. You correctly sign the app. 2. The user correctly configures their browser. It is not necessary to download the SDK or anything like that.
I noted both things :P
Anthony Potts
One of Stackoverflow's benefits is that you don't have to read a long thread where the correct solution is buried within lots of posts and you just point to a long thread with lots of different suggestions how to resolve the problem? That's not very helpful :/
Michael Barth