I am having trouble finding good guides for WPF.
I have experience in C# and .NET but I don't know anything about WPF except for the regular marketing-ish description of the technology as a whole.
Can anyone point me to a good beginner's tutorial/guide on WPF.

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I would buy a book - the Adam Nathan WPF book is good.

Will Dean
It's a bit outdated though. I picked it up and some of the samples don't work because it was based off the beta.
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Ok, in terms of reading material, this is the pick of the books out there: Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed.

For blogs, there are a lot of blogs and articles on, and there's an excellent blog all about data binding in WPF by Beatriz Costa. Also take a look at and Ask Dr. WPF.

Matt Hamilton
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Here are a few "How Do I" videos to get you started:

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Scott Hanselmann has blogged extensively about his experience in learning WPF by creating his 'BabySmash' windows application. All the source code is on codeplex and he has many blog articles describing his progress.

Initial BabySmash article

Codeplex source

BabySmash website

Andy Rose
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Programming WPF by Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths is an excellent way to learn WPF. 5 star rated on Amazon with 50+ reviews.


Have a look at the Guided tour of WPF by Josh Smith. I also really like Adam's Nathan book WPF Presentation Unleashed.

Artur Carvalho

There are some WPF getting started guides here:

Geoff Snowman