I use Firebug and the Mozilla JS console like crazy, but every now and then run into an IE-only Javascript bug, which everyone knows are really hard to locate even though you know theyre there (ex: error on line 724, when your source html only has 200 lines!)

I would love to have a lightweight JS tool (a la firebug) for IE, something I can install in seconds on a clients PC if I run into an error and then uninstall. Some Microsoft tools take some serious download and configuration time.




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IE 8 is supposed to have better tools, but the IE Developer Toolbar is pretty good:

Karl Seguin
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Have you considered Firebug Lite?

Mike Tomasello
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You might find Firebug Lite useful for that.

Its bookmarklet should be especially useful when debugging on a user's machine.

Dave Ward
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There is microsoft script debugger


@Mike and @Dave. Thanks for those useful answers. This is why I'm finding Stack Overflow so useful, even in it's beta :)

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Jah! Firebug for IE. Of course!

<500 users here and. wow. Thx. Will test and run see how it goes. I have a nasty JS scheduler to try today, will report later.


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I would recommend Companion JS.

This is the free version of Debug Bar but I find it easier to use and have the features I need. Great to test little JavaScript snippets in IE the same way I do with Firebug in Firefox.

Vincent Robert

Wow-- @Vincent, thank you for the Companion.JS! I had been using an old version of the DebugBar, but didn't know about Companion.

For me, Firebug Lite barely works in IE... it locks up and is too slow and limited.

I think Script debugger + Companion.JS + Debug Bar is the way to go!


Use a tool which can be run as a bookmarklet:


In IE8 just press F12!