I'm working to convert a Photoshop PSD to a HTML/CSS web layout. I know there are some tricks to doing this quickly, I just don't know what they are. The question is, do you?

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give it to a designer that knows css/html :)

John Boker
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CSS-Tricks has some screencasts about it.

I suppose you want to do it yourself, but if you really want it fast, there are a lot of services online that do it (you'll have to pay, though).

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Use the slice tool to slice your page in to usable slices (Use Save for web feature in photoshop). Then manualy make the HTML / CSS code; Photoshops fails at this point since it makes stupid html.

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If you are wanting good markup I would recommend slicing the file manually, using CSS to color the parts that can (instead of using an image) and placing DIVs for other various parts of the site. There aren't really short-cuts to producing a quality site although the more often you work on creating HTML / CSS from PSD the quicker you will get at it.

If you are not comfortable with HTML / CSS you should probably find a designer because the automated results will give you substandard HTML / CSS. That being said, you can generate really bad code with ImageReady Again, I'm completely against this method and would recommend finding a designer instead of resorting to that.

Ryan Lanciaux

A good html person can turn it around quickly. You can use a service that does just that and spend time on more interesting parts of the project


Send your designs to a PSD to HTML Service like our service - ButterflyHTML and we will code the PSD for you at $79 for the first page and $49 for inner pages

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Here is a PSD to HTML site with affordable prices and really good quality code provided