I'm so tired of not having tabbed browsing when navigating through windows explorer.

I've tried a few solutions in the past, but what I really want is just an extension/addon/plugin/something that lets me browse my file system with tabs.

Does anyone have any good solutions that they have found to do this? Alternatively, I'm willing to just code it myself, but I don't even know where to begin... Is there any way to legally modify/customize the windows explorer? What language, how do I get started?

I can already visualize the replies "no, you're screwed, switch to linux" (which doesn't have tabbed browsing either by the way)...

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X²Lite has tabs (there are near the bottom if you are looking at the screen shot on the front page)


Nice! Even appears to work with TortoiseSVN!

Dang... Private or Academic use only... But only $30 to use at work... I just might buy it... Thanks!

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You could try QTTabBar. Didn't work too well for me personally, but there's others who swear by it.


I don't know of any add-ons. However, you can try Explorer XP, which has tabbed browsing.

On another note, you can try ExplorerBreadCrumbs, which adds Vista like directory navigation for Windows XP.

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Dual panel operation (like any xCommander), but with multiple tabs in each panel and A LOT of features. It's not free, costs $ 38 but (for me, at least) worths every penny.

I've using it since 1998, and I couldn't live without it.

I don't like sounding like an ad, but I'm a very satisfied user :))

TotalCommander FTW. Best program in the world.
Nathan W