I've got all these comments that I want to make into 'RDoc comments' so they can be formatted appropriately and viewed using 'Ri.' Can anyone get me started on understanding how to use RDoc?


RDoc uses SimpleMarkup so it's fairly simple to create lists, etc. using *, - or a number. It also treats lines that are indented at the same column number as part of the same paragraph until there is an empty line which signifies a new paragraph. Do you have a few examples of comments you want RDoc'ed so we could show you how to do them and then you could extrapolate that for the rest of your comments?

Rob Burke
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The official documentation is pretty good, actually.

Michiel de Mare
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A few things that have bitten me:

  • :main: -- RDoc uses only the last one evaluated; best to make sure there's only one in your project and you don't also use the --main command-line argument.
  • same as previous, but for :title:
  • :section: doesn't work very well
James A. Rosen