I need to display a map of the U.S. with states shown in different colors according to underlying data. I'd also like to have this map contain some facility for subscribing to hover/click events on each state in javascript, presumably using an imagemap.

The data won't be changing in any kind of AJAX-y way, so ideally this component would generate a static image that would be cacheable.

Any suggestions?

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Here's one ASP.NET map implementation (of many):

You can also go all-out and hook up to the Google Maps API via an ASP.NET control.

James D
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We have been using Sharpmap with a Silverlight 2.0 control that we developed in house. Sharpmap works pretty good, but you have to provide the map source. You also have to

If you don't a source of map data, or your data is not precise enough or accurate enough, then you should consider the either the Google Maps API, or Microsoft's Map API.

If you don't need to zoom in deeper than the outlines of the states, than I would just go with a static map image and generate the image maps in code.

Chris Miller

I'll take a look at SharpMap. A static map image won't work because of the requirement to display states in different colors based on underlying data (e.g. a map where low-population states are green and high-population states are red, that sort of thing).

Mike Powell

I believe the Google Chart API suits your needs perfectly. Take a look at:

You just have to construct an URI with the data and it will generate a static image of, for example, the US states colored.


SharpMap is good because it's fast. I've tied this into a Virtual Earth application and can plot 2,400 census tracts with fills in a few seconds.

Geri Langlois

If you are interested, there is an ASP.NET Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control here:

This is essentially a "wrapper" around Virtual Earth that abstracts out most (if not all) of the JavaScript that you would traditionally need to write. It allows you to handle map events and manipulate map events completely from server-side .NET code.

Chris Pietschmann
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I recommend google maps as well.

Very well documented and powerful API, great community, easy to develop.

I loved working with it.

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I'm the creator of one of the most important GoogleMaps controls for ASP.NET.

You can find it on It's translated to 15 languages, has more than 25.000 downloads, a very active forum, code gallery, icon gallery, etc.

It's great for novel developers and advanced ones. You can done almost everything that can be done with the javascript API, plus a lot of extra features.

Of course, it has a great documentation.

Try it!

I've used this component. It's amazing one. Works really great!
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