Hello! I just wanted to know what are the best websites about web design?

I'm looking for websites about either web design, CSS, Photoshop for the web or web development in general (like new web technologies).

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There's a bunch of stuff at It includes tutorials and samples across a bunch of different technologies.

Nader Shirazie
Already knew this one. Great tutorials!
I actually got downvoted for this? There's something I'd like an explanation for...
Nader Shirazie
it's not bad, but they have a lot of outdated stuff
Omar Abid
Fair enough. I used it 6 years ago, it was current then :) Still valuable for those learning the ropes too. Still don't understand the downvote, but meh.
Nader Shirazie
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Excellent site for clean professional CSS based designs:

The Matt
CSS Zen Garden is cool for inspiration, but I find the lack of actual insight or information there make it lower on my own list. Not arguing its merits at all.
Gabriel Hurley
CSS Zen Garden really showed me what CSS is capable of doing. I think that is its real benefit. Once you know, I don't see a lot of reason to go back unless it's for design inspiration.
Nathan Long
I find it helpful to review just to look at the CSS files to cull ideas
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One of my favourites is:

I love this site - I'd have its babies if I could
Steve Claridge
I had its babies.
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A List Apart. They have really thoughtful articles written by the best for the best. They'll go beyond basics to important considerations like usability too.

A personal favourite of mine.
Barry Gallagher
One of the best around. Their level of professionalism and thoroughness is hard to beat.
Gabriel Hurley
I have been wandering a bit in it and it clearly has exceptional info!!
+1 A List Apart is an excellent site.
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Really like

Specky Boy Design Magazine

Lots of demos and links to all the topics you have mentioned in your question

Russ Cam
Tons of information! :D
Tons of roundup, but still good as he looks for quality resources
Omar Abid
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Top 10 Blogs for Web Developers has a few ideas.

JB King
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24 ways is a good one. It's a self-proclaimed "advent calendar for web geeks," as it posts an article a day for each day in December. Lots of good, in-depth articles by industry heavy-weights like Jeffrey Zeldman, Andy Clarke, and Jason Santa Maria.

Joshua Porter's Bokardo is THE place to go for social web design. Lots of thoughtful discussion.

Wireframes isn't specific to web design, but offers good practices for sketching mockups and information architecture.

Typesites reviews website designs with a focus on typography.

Lastly, Vitamin (part of the Carsonified network) has a lot of fluff, but from time to time posts some quality articles that are worth reading.

Evan Meagher
Both excellent sites. Bokardo gives a lot of advice for creating good interfaces too!
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Here are some websites I already know...




+1 for tutsplus
Omar Abid
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Six Revisions is a very good place to look

I like this one it is a bit like tutsplus.
no it's different, tutsplus focus on tutorials, while sixrevisions focus more on roundups
Omar Abid
+4  A: has some great resources for CSS positioning and more.

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Some of my favourite sites & blogs:

Barry Gallagher
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Some of my favorites are: - Learn CSS - W3 Schools Hope this helps!

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I'd suggest Stu Nicholl's CSS Play. It's not a tutorial site, as such, but it features a whole load of innovative techniques (admittedly they're more whizz-bang than necessarily useful, but definitely interesting).

David Thomas
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Wow, nobody's gonna mention Web Designer Wall?

Josh Stodola
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Webdesigner depot is a good blog giving nice tips.

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Currently in my "web design" RSS feed selection (and sorted alphabetically):

Gabriel Hurley
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There's loads of good recomendations up there, it really depends if you are looking for design orientated sites or technical orientated sites. Here are a few of my favourites (well the ones not previously mentioned): good articles and tutorials on just about everything you mentioned, still a young site but has some good material anyway. blog with a fair selection of articles, mostly based on design aspects (visual, information structure etc) but also stuff on SEO, marketing etc. if you want to know about design, design theory, inclusive design... for everything, and some specifically targeted at web. A series of articles on great web type. Typography is what makes or breaks any good design. an ezine entirely based on galleries of designers portfolios, these are largely webdesign and interactive design agencies, if you want inspiration, or are researching a way to approach something someone on here will have done it in a way thats truly excellent.

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Lots of good suggestions above ... my 2p: For beginners, broad "web design" but less code try [] and associated forum, but for code geeks [] is cool :-)

Oh, and for good CSS advice the css-discuss email list is good & friendly []

+5  A: is good

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Design blogs:

I also find good links through following people on Twitter - if you check out who I am following some of the people on there might be of interest:

Hope this helps!

Great list! Thanks!
I think is the best site about web design. Killer tips
Arthur Ronald F D Garcia
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The SO equivalent for Web Design is Doctype.

Lance Roberts
Too bad it sucks and the people there are pompous elitists. WebDevRefinery is better.
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For a wealth of usability information see: by Jakob Nielsen.

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Nobody listed abduzeedo!! Although not a specific web design website, but still it gives a lot of new ideas and inspration to web designers.

All other exceptional web design websites have been mentioned, upvotes for all of them :) Still smashing magazine and a list apart are my favorites :)

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I used to love Webmonkey

Thau's Javascript introduction was my first ever introduction to programming anything.

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Can't believe nobody submitted, it's like digg but for web-design. So you get all the latest stories/tutorials/etc...

Phill Pafford
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I like ember for inspiration:

David Watson
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I really enjoy

+2  A: - Best forum design in my opinion.

Igor Zevaka
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I use my friend, Jeremy Koempel's small transport site as a jumping off point.

David Watson
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Strange that few people here mentioned nettuts, it's not CSS oriented but has lot of great tutorials, worth your time!

Omar Abid

has some great resources for CSS positioning and more.