I have recently gained access to a Mac. I am wondering if anyone has any tips/advice for setting up Mono on a mac for development and execution of ASP.NET? Most resources point to Linux implementations which tend to differ a lot from the way Mac's do things. Any tips or advice would be helpful


Why use Mono on a Mac? Run Parallels, VMWare, or Boot Camp.

Kevin Conner
Why not?...OP asked how to get started, why not just answer the question or not at all?
His problem appears to be running ASP.NET on a Mac, no more. He pointed out that he is new to Macs. He considered Linux, for one, but rejected it because it wasn't "the way Macs do things". And I am saying, if there is a standar way that a Mac runs ASP.NET, it's by delegating the task to Windows.
Kevin Conner
You're not reading the question...mono has a good ASP.NET implementation, that's what he wants to use on his Mac....natively. He didn't say he disregarded Linux as an OS, what he said was that the linux config steps were different hence the question.
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Again why not answer the question ? OP asked how to do this on a Mac he didn't ask how to run Mono on a bunch of other tech he probably already knows about.
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To launch the development ASP.NET server, just open a terminal window and run the "xsp2" command from the Mono installation.

The only thing that is missing from the Mono distribution on the Mac compared to Linux is the Apache module, that one you will have to compile yourself if you want to deploy your application in production on OSX.
Thank you. I was at least able to run a page in a manner similar to the cassini web server on windows.
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Since I first worked with mono osx, they've added Cocoa# and ObjC#, but the ASP.NET core was pretty solid (about 3 years ago). You can in fact write web applications according to the Onion book, and port 'em to IIS with little or no difficulty.