It has been a few years since I used Actionscript. Back in the day, I made a project that emulated a QTVR panorama (at the time I was using Flash, you could only embed very basic mov files) by simply moving a very long flattened pano image left or right behind a mask. The effect was okay, but not as nice as a real pano, since the perspective was so warped. So now that a couple iterations of Flash have been developed I am curious...

Is there a way now to get a bit closer to a real QTVR? ...or is it now possible to embed a real QTVR?

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My advice would be - download PaperVision, cut your image into strips, then arrange these in ring as 3d planes.

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FlashPanoramas has worked great for me in the past. One of its newer features is the ability to directly load in QTVR files.

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The best solution, one I am currently using on a day to day basis to present plots of land for sale on a website I developed is to use krpano. It is by far the best one out there -- flash-based, XML-powered, very customizable, supports plug-ins, hands down the best.

It has a flash viewer and also all the tools you need to create the panoramas.

Cristi Cotovan