Hi! Is it possible in j2me to measure signal amplitude of audio record made by JSR-135 Player?
I know I can access buffer, but then what?

Target model Bold 9000, supported formats PCM and AMR. Which format I should use?

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Thank you!

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In most devices, only MID format with a single track is supported. That is the mid0 format that supports multiple instruments in one single track. I am not sure if the api provides the facility to measure the amplitude of a signal. To convert mid files to you can use Anvil Studio that has both free and pro versions

To record audio you need to use Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio"). Also leave the encoding (PCM or AMR) to the device implementation because some phones don't support PCM/AMR

Hope this helps!

Thanks Ram, I need record audio and measure signal level from it, can't use this approach. But I will check midi, this may be helpfull too.
Max Gontar
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Max Gontar