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Change your code like this:

var qry = this.Context.saw_order.Where(o => o.Wo == intOrder);
return qry;

If you put a breakpoint in at the return, then you can try executing the query in the immediate window and see if it is executing correctly.

Colin Blair
That helped a good bit when debugging. Now I'm getting some funny errors when hovering over the qry variable. They seem to change each time I hover, but lots of them seem to be datae errors. I'll post some more info in a bit.
Ben McCormack
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From my test above, it seems that data is correctly being sent to the MySQL server but is lost somewhere on its return. My difficulty now is trying to figure out where in the chain (Entity Framework to RIA Services to Silverlight client) the data is getting lost and I'm not sure how to debug this at different points.

I use tools like: Linqpad: This is for testing my linq to sql statements. It is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Fiddler: Fiddler will tell you what is going on between the server and the client.

Good idea on using Fiddler. I need to do that. Linqpad, however, doesn't support Entities that connect to MySQL. They only support MS SQL Server (and maybe SQL lite or SQL Server Express).
Ben McCormack
When I installed fiddler I had to set the startup string in my .web file to use instead of localhost. That might save you some time if you run into that.