I love GhostDoc, but I want to be able to "Document This" for an entire file, and not just one member at a time. Is this possible?


No. I still love it also regardless.

Nissan Fan
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It's not possible in GhostDoc (and it used not to be in AtomineerUtils Pro), simply because it's a generally bad idea. Both these addins produce a reasonable starting point for documentation of a method, and sometimes they will provide good enough documentation that you don't need to make any adjustments - but most of the time you will want to tweak the resulting comment. If you auto-generate the entire documentation set, then the docs will be pretty poor, because they will do little more than describing what the code element names already state.

edit - Update:

However, AtomineerUtils now provides this feature, which is very useful in the following situations:

  • To batch-convert legacy comments between JavaDoc, Doxygen and XML Documentation formats
  • To update the style/layout of documentation comments after changing the AtomineerUtils formatting options
  • To quickly add skeleton documentation to a class

In all these situations it is strongly recommended that you review the resulting comments, but automating the update does save a lot of time.

This feature is now included in AtomineerUtils Pro, allowing all code elements in a single namespace/class/struct/interface or enum scope to be commented in one pass.

Jason Williams
"sometimes they will provide good enough documentation that you don't need to make any adjustments" Based on my experience using GhostDoc and using libraries "commented" with it, I think instead of *sometimes* you meant to say *never*.
Then try AtomineerUtils :-)
Jason Williams