Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows how to use the TreeListView in WPF/XAML/Expression Blend. Without using the code behind.

This what I want to do. I would like to populate a TreeListView with information, if the information's client and matter are the same, then just make that item a child of it.


Client 1= Kevin, Matter = Cook, Time =5 Client 2 = John, Matter = Program, Time = 4 Client 3 = Sam, Matter = Run, Time =9 Client 4 = Kevin, Matter = Cook, Time=7

The problem will look like this the - and + is the expansion of the tree list view

- Kevin Cook 5
       Kevin Cook 7
  John Program 4
  Sam Run 9

I am retrieving all the information from a database. My current problem is, I can't add a children into my treelist. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this without hard coding? I looked into the heiarchialtemplate, but there was not much information in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


.. and does this link help?


OK.. so can you arrange your data in exactly the hierarchical manner that you want to view it.

Like, we have a collection of all the "unique" entries (client and matter are unique). All these unique entries will have other "duplicate" entries (matching client and matter).


Use one of the objects similiar to entitySource and configure the datasource of the object to know how to apply that data.

Shawn Mclean