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Any programming language would be fine. Pick a lang / arch you or someone in your group are familiar with. I'm mostly a PHP/ZF, Linux, Postgres guy. So I would...

Write a little ZendFramework app to collect your user's data and save to postgres database. I'd host it on a little Linux server. I like slicehost.com $20/mon, but there are cheaper. Or make friends with someone with a server.

Then for the update of the orders, use a cron job to run every minute. If the update process is complex, use another PHP script, else just straight SQL.

Lance Rushing

Why do you need to run updates every minute? Are people going to be updating it that often, if they are making orders for a day or week?

I would start with deciding on the equations that will be used in your model.

Then, that will help decide what you need in the database, to give the parameters to the model.

Then, once you have the database, you need to get information from the user, so decide what you need from the user.

For example you should have some random event that will make certain items go up or down in demand, or have resources become more common.

So, you may want to have information in the database that lists what each product is composed of.

If the model will have external information, or, if it is based on what others make, so, for example, last week shoes were not produced, so those that made shoes made a profit. This week everyone is making shoes, so there is too many, so the price went down.

This is why I think starting with your model, and testing your assumptions is the first step.

Any language, system, database will work well, just do what you feel comfy with. When you design the UI, do you want it to look fine on iphones and the Blackberry Razor? Then that will have a big impact on how you design the UI.

James Black
I have worked out the logic part i.e. all the conditions that should occur (Actually I have made use case and activity diagrams). But I am finding it difficult to implement because of my relative inexperience in web programming. so any advice regarding that?? See it is a railway manager game in which I need to update the position of train every minute. And orders to be set just before the train leaves.
If you write it in ASP.NET or Java (JSP and servlets) then you can have a singleton class that will sleep for 60 seconds then execute and back to sleep.
James Black