I'm experimenting problems with text rendering in WPF (third party applications and mine too). Labels and other text don't display correctly, look a little blurred and are rendered with some random colored pixels around.

I'm working on a low end crap machine (SiS Mirage 3 graphics) with Vista SP1, .NET 3.5 SP1 and graphics driver updated.

Another poor souls having similar problems were answered to try disabling hardware acceleration for WPF using Microsoft instructions to change the registry key:


The ultimate issue to me is: I can't find "Avalon.Graphics" in the registry at all. It's not there. Someone have a clue?


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Have you tried just creating it? It's specifically mentioned in MSDN, so I'd imagine it's correct (or rather I'd hope it was correct :-))

Steven Robbins
Someone tried it (third post at apparently without success. But I'll try this too
Hilton Perantunes
Another option is to use the advanced display properties in Windows to crank the acceleration down a few notches. I had to do that with an early build of Win7 on my netbook.
Steven Robbins
Creating the registry key actually worked. Thank you.
Hilton Perantunes
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Have you tried setting SnapToPixels? This did wonders to a lot of our views. I know exactly what you are talking about, though.


<Window ..

And see if that makes a difference.

I have noticed a bit of blurring when applying TextEffects, so if you are doing that you might want to look at turning those down or off and see what you get.

Anderson Imes
This has worked for me for both text and graphics. It got my upvote.
David Veeneman
I'll try it and give you a feedback. Thanks.
Hilton Perantunes
I tried SnapToDevicePixels but it didn't work in my case, actually.
Hilton Perantunes
Well it was worth a shot.
Anderson Imes