Is there any LGPL or commercial-friendly licensed implementation of Jaro-Winkler distance in .NET?


The SimMetrics library appears to support Jaro-Winkler, and there's a .NET version available for download.

Unfortunately it's licensed under the GPL, but maybe the authors would be amenable to giving/selling you a commercial license.

(NB: I haven't used this library myself, and know absolutely nothing about it.)

Yeah, actually I've just tried it. Quite nice although GPL seems to be the problem. I might get in touch with the developers (.NET + Java dewvelopers :) it's a port) but I think I'll end up writing it by myself.
dr. evil
GPL is okay as a side-by-side with proprietary programs, meaning don't link against the library, but `popen` a GPLed executable and pass data back and forth that way. Your program can still retain its proprietary license that way. May or may not be suitable for your application.
Mark Rushakoff

You could port the strcmp95 routine from the Census Bureau. I would imagine that code is public domain (but don't quote me on that). I haven't found any license that says otherwise.