Hi people,

I deal with a lot of lists of data in many scenarios CRM's, CMS's etc etc

However i now require the need to have a UI in the administration area in order to arrange the display order on the navigation menu for example on the front facing website.

I already have a column in my sql database [Order] as an int. I am building in and can't decide the best way to achieve my desired result / controls to use.

What are the best practices in achieving this or your recommendations.



I've used the ListView control for something very similar to this. This would allow you to keep using your [Order] column and wouldn't require any changes to your database.

(By the way, my users are all 45++ years old and they all hate computers...but they're THRILLED with the simplicity of the ListView control.)


The queue management on the Netflix web site is one of the best UI's for re-ordering lists that I've seen. I also like the way it handles deletion. Unfortunately, I don't think you can see it unless you have a Netflix account.

Here's a screenshot. You can edit the "List Order" text fields, but most people just drag and drop entire rows at a time, with target rows moving out of the way to make room. The "Top" button is also handy, since a new movie you might want to see soon will be added to the bottom of your queue. When you delete a row by clicking the X, a placeholder grey row stays behind with an undo button, until you leave the page.

alt text

Joel Mueller