What is the best Image Manager to integrate in TinyMce editor apart the official Moxiecode commercial ones?

I'm looking to integrate a light texteditor in an mvc application and I choosed the Tinymce solution (and not the classic FCKEditor as this seems more lightweight and more jquery friendly).

Sadly TinyMce doesn't come with the Image Manager or Document Manager integrated like FCKeditor but you must buy them as plugins form Moxiecode.

I've looked other plugins but till now I've not find any decend and light solution that works with mvc framework.

Any suggestions?


I have not used it (yet), but my company is about to start building a Content Management System with Alfresco as the backbone engine and TinyMCE as the editor in an ASP.Net MVC website.

Alfresco is Open Source, but I don't much else about it yet, including how "light" it is. Alfresco website

Carlton Jenke
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There are a couple of open source plugins on SourceForge, (search for image)

The plugin architecture is easy to understand if you know Javascript. If you have the time you could roll out your own.

For the life of me, I haven't found one yet. Has anyone had success?

Carlton : Alfresco seems to be a Java based solution. Ta: I've looked into the plugin folders but none was really good for mvc. What I'm now testing is a mix between Tiny with the image uploader of FCKEditor: this is the pho version but I think it is pretty easy to convert to .net [Tinyfck][1]

[1]: this:

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Have a look at this cant tell you how goo dit is because we are just testing it now but it could be your answer Cheers

new working link for SwampyBrowser
+1  A: free and best :)

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and add new plugin :)

you are Savior :)

I just started a project on codeplex that integrates nicely with ASP.NET MVC 2. Let me know if anyone wants to help out... I'm looking to integrate cropping (via JCrop) and resizing soon.

You can download the sample project on the "Source Code" tab.

Derek Hunziker

Ajax File Manager free and cooool