I am working with an n-tiered architecture in Visual Studio 2008 (Developer Edition), and I have run into an issue.

We are running unit tests on every method of our services layer, and I am attempting to see the code coverage results, to ensure I'm hitting all the main paths through my methods.

When I attempt to view the results, I am informed that the test run did not have code coverage enabled. I tried editing the test run configuration through test -> edit test run configurations, only to discover that there were none found.

I have yet to discover how to create a test run configuration so that I can enable code coverage results.

How do I create the configuration?

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Right-click the solution, choose Add, New item, choose Test run configuration in the resulting dialog. The only tricky part is that you don't get this choice unless you right-click the solution.

Craig Stuntz
The only trick need to know the trick. Thanks! I'd been clicking on the test project...