I've looked at ciui and really liked the way that certain links will slide out the existing content and load new content into the DOM, or slide back.

Is there a way to quickly create a work-a-like with the additional animation support in jQuery, scriptaculous, or MooTools?


I would take a look at the jQuery UI project and see if anything there does what you need. The best code is code you don't have to write. :)

Jon Tackabury
That link broke. is considerably more of a traditional UI than it is a kind of iPhone app UI implementation. Which would mean I need to write this myself, or find something else.
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This is the best iPhone javascript library I've seen so far, and it does page sliding.

Murat Ayfer
The library I mentioned, `ciui`, is just a different `iui` fork. Neither are made to work on top of jQuery.
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For anyone coming to this very old discussion, is a more recent solution that works very well for this. It's a jQuery plugin.

Christopher Young
That certainly looks awesome; thanks!