the main page of my site is /home.php This page has pagination with anchor tags that link to many other queries of the same page, for example

  • /home.php?start=4
  • /home.php?start=8

and so on...

My question is, when i include the home.php page in a sitemap will crawlers crawl what ever page home.php links to(ex. /home.php?star=4)? or do i have to include each and every page on a sitemap?


Crawlers typically will follow all normal links from the pages they find in your sitemap, but they may do so at a frequency &c which may not suit your purposes -- a complete sitemap gives you much more control (e.g. avoid wasting bandwidth by having unchanged pages re-crawled frequently, and so forth) and so it's much more advisable. It shouldn't be hard for you to generate the sitemap automatically, after all.

Alex Martelli
Thanks for the quick reply, im currently using a DW extention to generate the sitemap, so now that i have the struture of the sitemap i'll make script using the PHP XML classes to modify the existing sitemap to include the different queries for my dynamic pages. Thanks