I'm using visual studio 2008 and ReSharper 4 and it's kind of slow. My machine has 2 GB of RAM, dual core processor and a 7200 rpm hard disk. I know more RAM and a faster hard disk could improve performance, but do you have any tips to improve ReSharper/Visual Studio performance?


I'm having the exact same issue, and from the JetBrains site, it looks like they sort-of know about it but aren't admitting anything. Turning off solution-wide analysis does seem to help quite a bit.

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Turn off the annoying RSS reader

  • Tools, Options, Environment, Startup

Turn off all the animations

  • Tools, Options, Environment, Animate Environment Tools

Install the recent Service Pack

Clean out your WebCache

  • AppData\Local\Microsoft\WebSiteCache
Brad Tutterow
This may sound stupid, but where do I find the AppData\...?
Daniel Daranas
Your tips are not about R# but VS...
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Visual Studio optimisations:

Christian Hagelid
Fixed link:
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Having too many projects within your solution also appears to be a factor when it comes to performance. I have no real evidence of this but from my experience, less projects equates to better performance.

If consolidating projects is not an option then create an alternate solution file so you can add only the existing projects that are relevant to the work you are doing.

This also cuts down on the benefits of refactoring though. If your product is all built within a single location, having a single solution allows you to make massive refactorings very easy. Instead opening each one and making the required changes is a royal PITA.