I'm using a custom sitemapprovider (SQL) which enables me to add the pages from the database. I also have a node called products. There are several categories which contain other categories or products.

I currently load ALL products and categories in the sitemap. (along with products there are more business objects which have a custom subnode-structure). Is this good practice?

(goal is to be able to use SiteMap.CurrentNode and breadcrumbs)

p.s. I have security-trimming turned off and i implement a custom authentication method and custom trimming in my navigation menu.


Of course.

Why wouldn't you want to link to all the pages in your site?

True, however I have two issues. 1.) I use localized page titles in an SQL resource. Is it correct to extend the SiteMapNode and override the Title property? 2.) I have over 1 million articles and newsmessages which should have breadcrumb/SiteMap.currentNode functionality. Should I load all of them?