I'm looking for a tool or service that can spider a web domain with a large number of pages, create a sitemap, and then visualize that map in a way that will help me see, understand and group content (I'm new to the site) Something like a tree-view or other standard Site Map visualizations would be great. I am yet unable to find a tool that does this (I've found plenty of things to spider the site and create an xml file, nothing to visualize it)



This may help. With this applet you can visualize the structure of the html of a page not the links, but this is fun.

I love the animation and the type of diagram that gets generated is suitable to my needs. The lack of detail, however, leaves me still searching for something else. For instance, you cannot tell what page/url each node generated represents.

Structure101g lets you build your own flavor or backend to visualize any programming language or hierarchical data. As one our guys put it, think of Structure101g as Graphviz on steroids.

By way of demonstrating how you build a flavor, it comes with a free example flavor that parses html. Its a bit noddy (in fact its very noddy :) but you might find it useful. And if you like what you see, but it doesn't quite do it for you, the source for the flavor is available to be extended.

Sample screenshot


Bear in mind its an interactive graph.