I'm naive in ASP.NET , I use web.siteMap and siteMapPath control in my Web app , I can define static address in web.siteMap , But i have pages that use QueryString as a parameter and show different result , Like : ~/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsId=X

So i followed and wrote my own custom DynamicSiteMapPath like the answer of [this address][1]

But i didn't get how to use my custom DynamicSiteMapPath in my page. I did like this :

in top of my master page :

<%@ Register TagPrefix="custom" Namespace="MD.Utility" %>
and in the content :

<custom:DynamicSiteMapPath ID="DynamicSiteMapPath1" ruat="server" SkipLinkText="">

There is no Error Message nor node ! am i doing wrong ? or do i need to do some thing else more ?
Thanks in advance

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I there should be an assembly attribute that you also have to specify, since it's a custom DLL this component is in.

You need to add:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="custom" Namespace="MD.Utility" Assembly="-Assembly Name-" %>

thanks brian , but actually didn't get what you said , Could you please describe a litte more ?
There is a third attribute called assembly, that points to the name of the assembly, your reference is missing this Assembly attribute.