I have been searching around using Google but I can't find an answer to this question.

A robots.txt file can contain the following line:


but is it possible to specify MULTIPLE sitemap index files in the robots.txt and have the search engines recognize that and crawl ALL of the sitemaps referenced in each sitemap index file? For example, will this work:





It is possible to write them, but it is up to the search engine to know what to do with it. I suspect many search engines will either "keep digesting" more and more tokens, or alternatively, take the last sitemap they find as the real one.

I propose that the question be "if I want __ search engine to index my site, would I be able to define multiple sitemaps?"

Etamar L.
Yea, this seems reasonable. I think read in Google FAQ that they do support this.
Google does support that, but if you want to be certain, just manually submit the Sitemap files in Webmaster Tools.
John Mueller

Yes this is possible, see in the site. is the link. They clearly states that it can be done! Google, Yahoo and /or Bing, all are members of So you can be assured that your sitemap entries will be properly read by the search engine bots. BUT as John said above, better submit them via webmaster tools also, for added assurance.

Miltan Chaudhury