I wonder what options there are for .net (or C# specifically) Code Coverage, especially in the Lower Priced segment?

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There are pre-release (beta) versions of NCover available for free. They work fine for most cases, especially when combined with NCoverExplorer.

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An alternative to NCover can be PartCover, is an open source code coverage tool for .NET very similar to NCover, it includes a console application, a GUI coverage browser, and XSL transforms for use in CC.Net.

Very interesting product.

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I use the version of NCover that comes with TestDriven.NET. It will allow you to easily right-click on your unit test class library, and hit "Test With -> Coverage", and it will pull up the report.

David P
Gotta love TestDriven.NET; as it happens, I use VSTS, but I tend to use NUnit (not MSTes), and use TestDriven.NET to "Test With -> Team Coverage", which uses the MSTest coverage tool (including colorizing) with my NUnit tests. Fantastic.
Marc Gravell
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See the C# Test Coverage tool from Semantic Designs:

Very low overhead, handles huge systems of files, intuitive GUI showing coverage on specific files, and generated report with coverage breakdown at method, class and package levels.

Ira Baxter

Not sure what the difference with the retail NCover, but there is also an NCover project on sourceforge that is of course open source and free.

The version on Sourceforge is the basis for the current versions of NCover. It's not being actively worked on/supported anymore but still widely available. They are up to version 3.0 now.

Code coverage features, as well as programmable API's, come with Visual Studio 2010. Sadly, the only two editions that include the full Code Coverage capabilities are Premium and Ultimate. However, I do believe the API's will be available with any edition, so creating code coverage files and writing a viewer for the coverage info would likely be possible.

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JetBrains(of ReSharper fame) has been working on a coverage tool for a little while called dotCover It's showing a great deal of promise.

Mike Two
dotCover is released and available for purchase since Sep 2010:

We've release EAP to dotCover ( and will be releasing the Beta soon.

Hadi Hariri

TestMatrix is a unit test runner and Code Coverage tool.