We have a number of users with Windows Mobile 6 and need to apply minor changes. eg. update a registry setting. One option is push and execute an executable file using our device management software.

I'd like this to be a little more friendly for the admins who are familiar with scripting in VBScript/JScript etc. What are the options for scripting on Windows Mobile devices?

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I work on windows mobile full time and have never really come across a good Windows Mobile scripting implementation unfortunately. For some reason MS has never seen the need for it. For example, even though you can actually get a command console on WM, it does not support running batch files, even though all the commands are still there and it would be relatively easy. There is definitely not a VBScript engine I've ever heard of nor JScript. There is PythonCE but the WM specific support is minimal and you don't get access to a lot of WM only things.

Also, I've done a lot of work with a company called SOTI which has a product called MobiControl that does incorporate a basic scripting engine. Though most of the commands are specific to their system and actually have to be run from a desktop-side management console.

Given all of the times I have tried to find a good scripting engine for WM myself you would think I would've just written one ;)

So, sorry, but the basic answer is no, there is not a scripting engine available for VB in the context that you specified.

Adam Haile
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The closest thing to a scripting environment on Windows Mobile is the Configuration Service Provider interface. While it is not a scripting language per se, it does allow one to do a lot of the same type of things such as modify registry settings, copy and delete files and directories, install and uninstall applications and much more.

Mike Calligaro has a great article on how to write scripts and how to get them from your desktop onto the device in various ways. One of them is certain to work for you.

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Once option that the devs over at xda-developers seem to enjoy is Mortscript

I have never bothered to use it, but I have used many cab installers that distribute mortscript so that they can do various tasks


There is also a Visual Basic Runtime to run VBScript

Nathan Campos