What methods to use a database from Clojure are there?

I know from Clojure you can do anything you can with Java, but that means that I may end up using something overly complicated (like Hybernate) which clashes with Clojure simplicity. Any recommendations or comments?

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clojure-contrib has an sql library which is a thin wrapper around JDBC (java.sql.DriverManager). The test file that comes with it has some examples of its usage.

Brian Carper
clojure-contrib has moved. It's here now:
Rollo Tomazzi
Actually it moved twice since I posted this. It's now here: :)
Brian Carper
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If you are open to using a Java library but want something that embraces simplicity, perhaps you'll like Persist. It'll only take you 10 minutes to have a look and see if it fits your needs.

Frederic Daoud
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I've used Berkeley DB for a simple key/value database in Clojure. See here.

Mark Probst