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I wanted to know if some of you guys can post some articles, blog posts etc. that explain the MVVM Pattern in detail. There are not much explainations out there I think ( except Tutorials). I'm going to write my exam about WPF and also want to build in the MVVM Pattern. So I need some good references that are also digging a little deeper.

I think I already have read a lot of texts about MVVM, but maybe you guys got some I didn't read yet.

Would really appreciate if you would share your links to good and worth reading articles and explanations

EDIT : Thanks for the good answers ! Already knew some of the links but also found some new ones :). Voted for everyone of you

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I tried to explain the basic concepts in detail in my series on MVVM. I felt the same frustration - most MVVM articles show you how to make it work, but do not explain why WPF is uniquely suited to it. I tried to build up from the required basics in WPF (binding, commanding, templating, etc) to show how that enables MVVM to work, and why it's good.

Reed Copsey
Real nice article :) , exactly what I needed
This is indeed very good stuff.
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Two starting points:

Henk Holterman
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There is a very well put tutorial on MSDN: MVVM on MSDN

Also, Josh Smith's (author of above tutorial) blog is good to check if you need more details on MVVM: Josh Smith on WPF

And perhaps WPF Disciples for even more resources: WPF Disciples

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You can take a look at this one (my own take at MVVM for ERP-systems) - a bit complex logic, but the sum of about one and a half years of experience with MVVM:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10


This post is also having some good links for learning MVVM -

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Here´s a good video where Jason Dollinger builds a small WPF application based on MVVM. I found it very useful.


Yet another article about the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern.