Let's suppose that I would prefer not to buy books from Does anyone have any other favorite sites for buying tech books? Inexpensive, easy to find books, usable wishlist, and good selection would be nice, of course.


I usually look for the book on and buy it from the cheapest place that looks reputable.

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Barnes and Noble is cool. But I don't remember them offering Canadian service like Amazon is doing.

Pascal Paradis
+1  A: and Powell's are great places to buy used books.

Mark Biek

We use a lot at work.

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I like to turn the idea of buying books on its head and use O'Reilly's Safari Books Online - though I admit that's because my company has a site subscription.

James A. Rosen
+1 even though your solution doesn't solve "usable wishlist"
If your company doesn't have a subscription, you can join for about $100 per year and get Safari as a member benefit.
Safari's site is much improved over a year ago, so it's actually generally usable now.
Chris Farmer
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NerdBooks is pretty good and I've found them generally equal or cheaper in price to Amazon.

Scott Gottreu

I'm a Borders Rewards member and they often send 30% or 40% off coupons. It helps with these expensive books.

A: Been buying from them since 2000. They are generally 1-2% cheaper than Amazon and ship very fast.

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If you want to avoid shipping costs, I recommend The Book Depository, as they have free shipping worldwide. With the shipping savings I end up spending less than if I ordered the same book from Amazon, and they're also really fast.

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I recommend The Pragmatic Programmers books. Not always cheap, but high quality. If you don't want to spend much, you can get PDF versions of their books for about 1/2 the price of a hard copy.

Ryan Doherty
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I'll vote for Half Price Books. The quality of the selection depends upon where you live - but in Seattle, the technical sections are sometimes better than Borders and Barnes.

Frank Krueger
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I use BookPool all the time and they often send updates on sale items via email. Usually you can find an entire publisher offering 50% off or more.

Amazon is great but BookPool is dedicated to technical books.

Rob Bazinet

Great info here on this thread. Primarily, I'm echoing where I do my Amazon comparisons. Typically though, I like peruse Barnes & Noble in person, make notes of the books I need and then use the online services. But I mention Barnes & Noble because they offer a credit card, which pays back a $25 gift certificate on every $2500 spent; making it the most used card I have(Without the cert, I wouldn't buy at B&N, of course).

Patrick Loz

In the UK, I use Computer Manuals as an alternative to Amazon. Prices are usually comparable and they often have books in stock that have longer delivery times on Amazon. Free delivery on larger orders (>£25) in the UK. They don't have as many customer comments as Amazon, but those they do are usually relevant and informative.

Simon Forrest

In the Netherlands:

They both have a large selection of good tech-books.

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I've also found the The Pragmatic Programmers a useful resource on certain subjects. I like the concept of the "Friday" PDF series ... subjects you can read on a Friday afternoon while ignoring your other work.


In India, (specifically in Bombay) Computer Bookshop - One day delivery to my doorstep.



I have bought several used programming books from third-party sellers via Amzon. Most of them are in very good condition, and usually they are a lot cheaper than buying them new directly from Amazon.

So this may be an option. You are not buying from Amazon, but via Amazon (and I guess Amazon takes a share of the price). But this has worked well for me.

Henrik Warne

When not in a hurry, and the topic affords being an edition behind, I buy books used at

(Slightly off topic aside:

When I'll only be reading book once, I use the Library)

Tristan Havelick

AbeBooks for used books. I've gotten a bunch of O'Reilly books for less than US$5 each. (you just have to check the ISBN to make sure it's not an edition older than you want to buy)

Jason S

Check out where you can compare used, new, rental & auction prices for any type of books at multiple online stores.

We also have browser addons available for most of the browsers. Using these addons, you can launch book price comparison from any web site by selecting ISBN, Title or Author Name of the book.


Stanford Univ. bookstore. Haven't been there in a long time, but wow, lots of juicy deep science and tech books unlike at B&N or Borders. But I don't live within 2000 miles of there, so it's Border's as 2nd choice.


Packt Publishing has a host of tech books. You can visit here: