I know this is a question that has been asked a hundred times on the Internet, but I have a couple of reasons to ask it here: (1) so it's on SO; (2) it's something that hard to find--there is a lot of junk.

What I'm trying to determine which page, for example, is in the Google search results, for say "". Is there a website that does this and is reliable?

I understand that it's different depending on which browser, country, language, etc, etc, but maybe in the end the site even provides a link to the page that the result is on so you can determine what it used to search.

Right now the best method I've found is clicking next, ctrl+f, enter, next... And giving up after page 5 or so cause who looks that far anyway.

Edit: I'm not looking for this search query "". My search string is "" and I'm trying to find in the results.

The reason I ask& the reason it's programming related: The reason I ask is because it's SEO related. I often have clients wanting to find out where they are in the search results after some HTML changes they paid for.

Webmaster Tools: Yes, webmaster tools is a great tool for find the key words that are doing well at, but I find that when you first start out, you can be very very very far down the list and they just don't show it. I'm talking page 15. So you start a website, it's on page 50, you want to know that next week it made it up to 40 and the changes you made, made a difference.


EDIT: Since the question was clairfied, this is not the correct answer.

You are looking for all mentions of the text "" on the site

Google can do this.

Search for:

Or visit Google's Advanced Search page for a UI for the same.

I think he's looking to find out what page in the google results his website shows for certain keywords.
Correct Unkwntech; see edit in question.
Darryl Hein
SEO is very similar to programming because a lot of the time is has to do with the "code"--the HTML--not the content of the site. But you are right SEO != Programming, but it is related, as related as
Darryl Hein
I agree with your statement (because it is related to HTML, which is code). I take my comment back.
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This free tool called 'Rank Checker' from SEOMOZ seems to be what you are looking for. You get a maximum of 6 uses per day on free account and unlimited with the Pro membership.