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What’s the compelling reason to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 from VS2008?

Many people seem to be upgrading to VS 2010 from what I can tell. Considering that the cost isn't minimal, what are the driving features that are spurring people to upgrade?

Obviously, I'm interested in seeing any that might affect me so the environment here is:

  • VS 2008 Standard
  • C# on .NET 3.5
  • Winforms
  • NUnit
  • MySQL

So what am I missing? Are the benefits more geared towards WPF/Silverlight developers and/or teams with TFS?

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You will need Visual Studio 2010 to take advantage of any of the new features in .NET Framework 4.0.

If you don't need .NET Framework 4.0, you may not need VS 2010.

Robert Harvey
Actually, you can just get the SDK.
Brian Rasmussen
@Brian: And it works in VS2008 with .NET Framework 4.0?
Robert Harvey
@Robert. No the point is that you don't need Visual Studio at all. The compiler etc ships with the SDK. VS is nice, but not mandatory.
Brian Rasmussen
@Brian: That's a bit of a nit. If you are already used to developing in VS, it is unlikely that you will switch to Notepad to do your development.
Robert Harvey
@Robert: Sorry if it came off as nitpicking. I agree that to most people .NET 4 means VS2010, I am just saying that if you don't need all the bells and whistles you can get by with just the SDK.
Brian Rasmussen
  1. Improved IntelliSense! (keyword searching in the middle of names, etc.)

  2. Multi-Monitor Support

  3. You'll need it to use .NET 4.0 features (in the IDE).

  4. New Architecture tools

  5. New Testing tools

  6. F# is a First Class language

  7. SharePoint 2010 Integration

...and the list goes on. Visual Studio 2010 really is a huge jump forward as far as just the interface goes.

Justin Niessner
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Scott Gu has a few blog posts on the new features

My picks:

  • Intellisense Improvements

  • Code Navigation.

  • Intelli Trace debugging.

  • Extension Manager.


Kind of a anti-answer but one reason not to update is the .net integration with mySQL for VS2010 is still in beta. The current build will not install on my machine.

Scott Chamberlain
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Support for debugging and profiling multi-threaded code has been significantly improved.

This TechEd session video has some good examples.

Brian Rasmussen

C++0x is partially supported, exciting stuff!


I upgraded it (note: i use the Express version) because it suports some c++0x features.