I have developed some software with no database. I want to create an .exe of my .Net project so I can give only the .exe file to users to use the software.

Unfortunately I don't know how to create an .exe of my project in .Net.

Does anybody have guidance for this problem?

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A .exe is automatically created when you build your project in Visual Studio. It can be found in /bin/debug or /bin/Release folder in your project. However, you should provide the whole Debug or Release folder to your end user, if that folder contains other files besides your .exe.

PS: It is recommended that you provide only the "release" version of your .exe, instead of the "debug".

Yes . bt i don't want 2 provide any files. with. .EXE . i just want 2 provide .EXE file to end user .. that is my actual aim.
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Press F6 (Build Solution) If you have no compile errors, this will put a .exe in your bin\Debug folder or bin\Release folder

Al W
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Others have addressed the .exe question, so on a general development point not you might want to review your code and identify functions/classes that you can re-use in future developments.

You can then extract these into a separate .DLL and still provide your users with the software but development of the next application will be a bit easier and any improvements to the functions can be easily adopted in both applications...

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Something like ILMerge perhaps?

There's even a GUI

Note: I haven't actually tried either of them.

Andrew Kennan
ILMerge works nicely, and this is also what I assumed the question to mean.
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Create a Setup Project (look up in msdn), package your project output files within the installer. Visual studio creates an installer and bootstrapped exe file, you can use either the exe or the msi file to run your application.

yes its either .msi or .exe .. hey.. bt i don't want 2 install the .exe file.. just click on .exe file it should run ..
Like someone else mentioned in the post, you can find exe in bin/release or debug but you have to give the entire folder to your client. Easier way is the setup project exe, configure it to do nothing but just execute. Also, you can try creating a batch file executable to run the .exe file located in your bin/debug or release.
@Sam yeah bt how to create 1 .exe file . without giving all files to client.. that is my actual prb ?
And .net framework is already installed on end users side. so no worries.

When you run your project in Visual Studio an exe of the application is created in the debug folder you can give that exe to your friends to test your application. Otherwise create a setup project in your application in the visual studio. Help is available on MSDN about setup project. The setup project will create a setup of your application like other softwares available in the market, and you can give that setup to your friends to use it.


The .Net project when compiled gives a exe file on the Debug/release paths as set in the properties of the application. I think you are asking for the self extracting application setup exe file to give it to the users to use the software without giving any relevant source code or project files. To try packaging you can probably use application packagers available for free, try innosetup or Nsis and you can package it into a setup file. I use Innosetup and its easy.

thank u i will try it.