I am working on a Automotive project, where i need to build a GUI(A Tool) to collect Automotive data (like Vehicle Speed, RPM, sensors etc). I am quite confused as which software/tool i should go for, the requirement is to create a rich UI (Graphics and simulators) which allows user to do operations like to move a fuel gauge / speedometer manually.

Now, I am good in a C/C++/VC++(MFC)/VB/Python but none of these looks like as my perfect tool/software. Can you guys please suggest me some other way(Apart from Android) which would help me to come up with the UI.

i know there are tools like flash and others which can be used for this, but the requirement is not only the UI but the data captured in the UI and this data has to be available for some other process running in parallel.


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WPF can visualise anything you can dream up (I've used it on a graphical automotive proj before), but XAML can be quite a learning hurdle.

If you've played with it before, here's some open source code to save you some time:


This looks cool. i did some research on this and still have few queries. 1) Do i really need to learn/install c# to work on WPF?2) Can i use ironpython for the development of the UI?3) Is there any other alternative available apart from WPF for my requirement?i have hardly 2-3 weeks of time to come up with such an UI, Do you guys think if this is really possible to get this done.
1) WPF is part of .NET, therefore you can use either c# or VB.NET. WPF likes to reduce the amount of code you write and do most of the work in its XML flavour, XAML, but you'll still need to cut some code. 2) Sorry haven't used Iron Python before so can't comment, 3)2-3 weeks is nowhere near enough if you haven't used it before, unless you can find something very close that you can tweak. Maybe some searching through CodeProject?

The short answer would be to choose something you have some familiarity with. If the primary focus is the UI you may want to choose something like Silverlight, WPF or Flash to dazzle folks and make the UI pretty.

If the data can be persisted to some external location (file, database, ??) then the back-end process could be written in something better suited to handling the back-end processing like C, for example.

Why C for back-end purpose? C#/VB.NET works fine for BLL/DAL too.
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the poster says he's good with C/C++
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As I said, just an example.
Is there any other "Open source" alternative(for silverlight/WPF) available ? I dont have much of idea on "How things works" on .Net/C#.Please provide me if there is any other way out.Thanks
Moonlight (http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight) is the Mono Project's open-source alternative to Silverlight. They don't currently have a WPF implementation.

If you are good in C++, you might look at Qt 4. It has decent graphic capabilities for custom controls.

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aaaaa. If you are good in C++, you might look at Qt 4.


I'd glance at some Qt and WPF tutorials and see which is easier. I'm a huge Python fan, but wxPython, tkinter and such just feel harder to use than they need to be.


If you want to get a UI done in 3 week time period then try Delphi.

can you please provide me the link for this?

Qt 4. Install qt 4 then run qtdemo application. You shouldn't have any questions after that.