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is it possible to see the source code of C# library implementations?

such as List or Dictionary implementation source code.

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You should be able to open up anything in Reflector ( and view any of the framework source.

Ian Jacobs
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Use this:

There is a free version.

There are other ways, like the Mono or Rotor source. In my opinion, Reflector is the simplest and most useful.

Merlyn Morgan-Graham
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Yes, it is. You can decompile every .NET Assembly using Red Gates Reflector together with the appropriate AddIns.

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Yes. ReSharper helps by automatically downloading the pdb, if it is availabe from Microsoft, when you hit F12. Otherwise you can use Reflector.

Yuriy Faktorovich

You can use reflector for this

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You can download the entire Microsoft .NET Framework Sourcecode at Microsoft's Reference Source Code Center.

Stefan Schultze
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Merlyn Morgan-Graham

If you want to go one step further than reflector and actually step into the framework code while debugging, then check out this blog post from Scott Guthrie: .NET Framework Library Source Code now available.

It tells you how to use the Microsoft Symbol servers to get the framework code while debugging.