We have an application with a good amount of jQuery JSON calls to server side code. Because of this, we have a large amount of binding code to parse responses and bind the appropriate values to the form. This is a two part question.

  1. What is the reccomended approach for dealing with a large number of forms that all have different data. Right now were are trying to take a structured approach in setting up a js "class" for each page, with an init, wireClickEvents etc.. to try to have everything conformed.

  2. Is there any "best practices" with creating repetitive jQuery code or any type of reccomended structure other than just throwing a bunch of functions in a js file?

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Not 100% sure example what you are asking, but personally, and I use MochiKit, I create JavaScript "classes" (or widgets, if you prefer) for every significant client-side UI structure. These know, of course, how to populate themselves with data.

I don't know what more there is to say - writing UI code for the browser in JavaScript is no different than writing UI code for other types of apps, as far as I am concerned. Build classes and instantiate them as needed, populate them with data, have them throw events, etc. etc.

Am I up in the night on this? :)

EDIT: In other words, yes - do what you are doing, for the most part. I see too many novice JavaScript hackers write a bunch of poorly-cohesive functions that don't appear to be a part of anything specific other than they are all in a single file. Hope that makes sense.

Jason Bunting

that does make sense. I was thinking that there was some other way people are accomplishing these repetitive tasks

Sean Chambers