I am working on an ASP.NET website which has multiple paths to the same page. I am using a sitemap file to populate a breadcrumb control in the masterpage. I have defined multiple paths in my Web.sitemap file as in

Basically I navigate to page3 from page2, as well as page1, and I want the breadcrumb to reflect the correct path. I thought that all I had to do to make it happen was to include page 3 with both combinations in sitemap file, and make the URL unique. However, Breadcrumb alway loads the first path i.e. Default page/page 1/page 2 whenever I access page 3.

Also, if I try to keep both url's to page 3 unique by adding some text to make the url different from page.aspx e.g. page3.aspx?page=1, then the breadcrumb control does not load on page 3 at all. What can I do to make breadcrumb select the correct path?