So, I am working for a magazine, and they are designing their own site. They are awesome designers, but don't know too much about the differences btw print and web. I am NOT a designer, so I know some things but not others.

Is there a resource out there, or has does anyone have any suggestions out there that I can give them for guidance?


PS they are simply providing comps, not html, just psd files.

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Zeldman and A List Apart have plenty of archived content relevant to web-specific design considerations. Many of the authors of these articles (Zeldman included) have previous and/or ongoing experience with print design. Set your designers on those two sites—they're good starts.

Brian Warshaw
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One of the better sites that I go to for tutorials is A List Apart. You might need to look around a bit to find exactly what you are looking for, but it is a good starting point for doing web design.

Another site worth checking out, if only for ideas on how flexible the web can be is css Zen Garden. It doesn't have much in the way of tutorials, but it might be useful for inspiration.



There are various books by Robin Williams that cover this exact situation.

I have read several of her books and all are very helpful.

Maybe start with Web Design Workshop (Amazon link) where she actually covers this sort of a print to web site transition scenario.

Maybe get them to look at various sites and see which ones push their buttons. Kinda hard to pull it out of thin air when all you've got is a printed version of something in front of you. And them.




Rob Wells

Webmonkey Tutorials was how I started several years ago. They just rebuilt the site from the ground up, too.

Nick Sergeant