I have a sitemap that's pulling its information from a global resource file (because the website is in two languages). That part is working.

Now, I want to make it so that part of the sitemap is dynamically added from the database (product categories).

I found a tutorial here and tried to implement it but it's not working. I can get it to grab the resourceKey from the sitemap but I can't get it to go through to the actual .resx resource file and get the information. It creates the sitemapnodes and the correct link structure with links but the links have no text in them because it's not seeing the titles from the resource file. I'm also using the CSSFriendly plugin if it matters.

I also tried the "How to retrieve resource values programmatically" advice from Microsoft, but it still isn't working.

I might just be going about this wrong? Is there a much simpler way to do this? It seems like it would be a common problem.

I can post code if it would help, but I'm just not sure which section(s) to post.