I have been playing around w/ ASP.NET's Membership, Roles, and Profile providers. In doing so, I recently set up Microsoft Sample's custom Table Profile Provider (see:

When I run the test solution I have programatic access to the Profile variables. I.e. I can type Profile. in the code behind and Intellsense will give me access to my custom Profile variables (setup in the web.config) ... LastName, FirstName, Age, etc.

However, when I set up the same scenario in my own solution and type in Profile. in code-behind, it does not recognize the object in IntelliSense and won't compile if I type it myself.

That being said... If I type <%= Profile. in the front end, VS gives me what I'm looking for (the front end Intellisense pops up with my defined Profile variables)

Has anyone else had this problem / Know a solution



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Seems my issue is that Profile is only valid for the VS.NET Website Template (NOT for the Web Application Template)


I'm having the same problem. Is there a way to convert to VS website template? Why isn't web app supported? Don't most people use that template?
Have you figured out how to solve this issue?
@Zaff, you have to use Project Type "Website", NOT "Web Application"
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For Web Application projects, see here: