New version of Management Studio (i.e. the one that ships with SQL Server 2008) finally has a Transact-SQL IntelliSense feature. However, out-of-the-box it only works with SQL Server 2008 instances.

Is there some workaround for this?


Red Gate Sql Prompt at provides intellisense and more for MS SQL

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There's no known trick 'in the wild' for getting around this, other than using CTP-6 of SQL Server 2008 (in favour of the RTM).

the reasons for removing backward compatability (and a lot more discussion besides) are provided at the relevant feedback in microsoft connect.

edit: sorry i don't know where this ctp is available, if at all

Leon Bambrick
Why the emphasis on 'in the wild'. Is there some top secret way to enable it?
Alex Argo

Agreed. My team and I use SQL Prompt and it's a valuable tool. Download a trial and try it for yourself.

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Has anyone tried either patching SSMS not to check the version (perhaps try looking at the binary differences between CTP 6 and RTM?), or patching SS 2005 to pretend to be 2008?

Unclean, I know, but I don't see any other way.

Sören Kuklau