Does anyone know of any existing packages or libraries that can be used to build a calendar in a django app?

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A quick google search reveals django-calendar, which looks like exactly what you need. It would also be worth looking at the snippets under the calendar tag on Django Snippets at

The link you supply responds with:Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/django-calendar/ from this server.
Brandon Craig Rhodes
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svn checkout django-calendar-read-only svn: URL '' doesn't exist

so google search may reveal, but it's no longer exists.

Alex Mikhalev
The project can only be downloaded as a tarball from the project page. In other words, they aren't using google code for SVN.
Van Gale

I'm often needing a calendar so have started my own project for this:

It's all on github

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It seems that django-calendar has become django-agenda:

Berislav Lopac

There is another calendar alternative here, Django Event Calendar from 3captus, that offers something a bit simpler. I'm trying it out now, but it looks like a better fit for me.

From the features list:

  • Full feature calendar display using python calendar class
  • Support month scrolling (forward or backward)
  • AJAX add, modify, delete GUI
  • Require mimimum knowledge of Django, should be a good compliment after you are done with django tutorial (
  • Calendar and Event class can be used in any python project
  • Full unit test included
Michael Morisy

Today I ran into django-swingtime. Worth checking out.

Issac Kelly

Great Tipps

django-swingtime lives on