Is it possible to remote-debug a Visual C++ 6.0 application running on a Windows NT machine from a developer workstation running Windows XP? If so, is there a procedure written up somewhere?

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Take a look at this article. Also this may be helpful although you don't mention which version of the IDE you're using.

Onorio Catenacci
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Yes -- you can also use a newer version of Visual Studio. As long as you have the PDB file for the target application it doesn't matter what version it was built with (well, VS6 might not understand a newer PDB, but backwards should be fine).

The remote debugging experience on newer VS versions is a lot smoother than old versions in my experience. It is also easier to set up if you can arrange things so that you are attaching to an existing process that you have started manually rather than kicking off the process (avoid a lot of the path setup).

Rob Walker