We are currently using the ExtJS tree view in an application - a requirement has arisen requiring a user to select multiple nodes (which the tree view supports currently through a pluggable selection model) - but you can not then drag the multiple selections to another part of the tree.

Does anyone know of an ajax control (commercial or non-commercial) that supports multiple-selection drag / drop - or a example of enabling this functionality in ExtJS?

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Check out this post in the ExtJS forum that details how you can enable multi-select in a Javascript tree.


Ha i just asked the exact same question in their forum... want to acheive the goal without using the Custom User-Extension tough.

Just for reference.

Regards, Fabian Loibl

Fabian Loibl
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Got the same issue. I just found the solution : Ext.tree.TreePanel({
  selModel : new Ext.tree.MultiSelectionModel()