is it possible to display ⇓ entity in ie6? It is being display in every browser but not IE 6.I am writing markup such as:

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According to this page, that symbol doesn't show in IE6 at all.

Symbol  Character  Numeric  Description
⇓       &dArr;     &#8659;  Down double arrow - -  * Doesn't show with MS IE6

If you really need that particular symbol, you may just have to go for a small graphic of the arrow - not an ideal solution, but if you need it to display in IE6 then that may be your only option.

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Yes, it is possible... But you'll need to explicitly tell IE which font to find it in. For instance:

<span style="font-family:Arial Unicode MS"> &#8659; </span>

should produce ⇓ in most browsers.

does not work in IE6
Sergio del Amo
It does, yes. It won't on this page because the site strips CSS.