I've a UserControl (WinForms, .net 2.0), and I've this:

protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e)

 var rect = e.ClipRectangle;
 var pen = new Pen(Brushes.LightGray, 1);

 e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(pen, rect);

I basically want to draw a border on the UserControl, but the rectangle is being draw in all the child controls too! I never read it should be called for every child control, is there a solution?

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Why are you using PaintEventArgs.ClipRectangle to determine the bounds of the rectangle? Try using Control.ClientRectangle instead.

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Because the child controls invalidate the parent, causing this method to be fired for each one.

Instead of using e as the parameter (e is going to be whichever control fired the event, child or not) use the control name explicity.

Neil N