I have a SiteMap with All my nodes. I'm using a TreeView control which is linked to the SiteMap for navigation. Now I would like to hide certain nodes from appearing on the TreeView. Is it possible to do this?


Based on what criteria? If you only want to hide specific single nodes, subscribe to the NodeDataBound event of the TreeView and set the whole item (node) to Visible=false.

If you need to do this in a better way and provide more flexibility, I would advise that you implement your own SiteMapProvider. Then you can have a property ShowInNavigation for each sitemap node, and would be able to set that when constructing your sitemap.

Basically I want to show 3 menu items ie.UsersCreare UserI want to include "Edit User" to the sitemap but not on the TreeView.
I still don't understand what you want.
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Yes, it's definitely possible. The way we do it is to add a custom "IsPhantom" attribute to the nodes we don't want shown in the sitemap (and in various other places too):

<siteMapNode url="~/Welcome.aspx" title="Welcome" description="" isPhantom="true" />

Then in the sitemap control, use the following code to remove nodes that have the "IsPhantom" attribute:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    TreeView1.TreeNodeDataBound += new TreeNodeEventHandler(TreeView1_TreeNodeDataBound);              
    SiteMapSource.Provider = this.CurrentProvider;

protected void TreeView1_TreeNodeDataBound(object sender, TreeNodeEventArgs e)
    SiteMapNode thisMapNode = (SiteMapNode)e.Node.DataItem;
    TreeNode parentTreeNode = e.Node.Parent;

    if (thisMapNode["isPhantom"] != null && thisMapNode["isPhantom"].ToLower().Equals(bool.TrueString.ToLower()) && parentTreeNode != null)
Paul Suart

Very nice tip with a custom attribute, thanks !